European Portuguese Classes​​

Welcome... Bem Vindo!

Welcome to  European Portuguese Classes, where you can learn authentic Portuguese from Portugal with the European accent and grammar. 

English Classes

  • English Tutoring for children key stage 1 and key stage 2.

  • English classes for native Portuguese or Spanish speakers are available. This course is intented to help you building confidence to speaking and understanding the language, as well as understanding the grammar structure. 

Children's Tutoring
English Key stage 1  
English Key stage 2
11+ English 

  • ​​ Punctuation & Spelling tests materials
  • Reading and Comprehension  
  • Creative writing tasks
  • Sentence structure and Vocabulary
  • Verbal reasoning 



Classes work either on a "one on one" tutoring basis or group
classes which vary throughout the year depending on the
number of students registered. 

 We will study the basic structures and grammatical points
 you'll need in everyday situations, helping you develop your confidence. 
   We will focus in what your difficulties and goals are and find
the best way for you to learn and improve quickly and easily, strengthening your areas
of weakness. 

       Books will be used in class and homework assignments will

be given to reinforce your learning.

English to Portuguese/Spanish
native speakers

  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Comprehension  
  • Grammar and verb tenses
  • Sentence structure and Vocabulary​​