European Portuguese Classes​​

Welcome... Bem Vindo!

Welcome to  European Portuguese Classes, where you can learn authentic Portuguese from Portugal with the European accent and grammar. 




1h:30m Lesson


2 hour Lesson




1 hour Lesson


Heading 3

Heading 3



6 hours Course

   3 days Intensive Weekend

Group Classes



8 hours Package
Hours must be used within 5 weeks



24 hours Package
Hours must be used within 3 months

USA classes

 Fees for private and group classes are the same price. Price is per student. 

For group classes with a 2 hour class per week price is £192 per month, or £530 per trimester. 

​Your lesson should be paid previously to your appointment. 

If you buy a package of lessons you may choose to take a 2 hour or 1h:30m lesson. Group classes are a 2 hour class.

Your class may be rescheduled if a request is made with at least 24 hour notice, if the class is canceled last minute the class will be charged.

Skype classes' prices are the same as regular 1 hour classes.

                                Thanks for your business!